The AccuValve® with ePI® Model AVC6000

 The AccuValve is an electronically operated airflow control valve for critical environments such as laboratories and clean rooms. The AccuValve is designed for 21st Century sustainable building control incorporating high accuracy airflow sensing with a revolutionary design based upon proven technologies. The valve was created for sustainable “green” design, low pressure drop for energy reduction and safety through true airflow measurement.

AccuValve Model AVC6000
With Electronic Pressure Independence

• Exceptionally low pressure drop
• True airflow feedback
• No straight run requirements
• Linear control response
• High accuracy and turndown
• Can be mounted in any position
• ASHRAE 90.1 compliant – no additional hardware
• High-speed and standard speed actuation available
• Stand-alone or setpoint control (software selectable I/O)
• Integral on-board controller with native BACnet® communication
• Intuitive Graphical User Interface
• Optional remote mount airflow monitor
• Optional Bluetooth® wireless configuration


Exceptionally Low Pressure Drop

The AccuValve incorporates a streamlined compression section and a carefully designed static regain section. These features provide lower pressure drop, lower noise level and better flow measurement conditions than all other available technologies.

True Airflow Measurement

The integral high accuracy vortex airflow sensing provides high turndown while maintaining accuracies of 5% of reading over the flow range, ensuring precise airflow control.

No Straight Run Requirements

There are no straight duct runs required before or after the valve, making application of the valve very simple. The air compression in the valve provides laminar airflow throughout the airflow range providing repeatable airflow measurement regardless of inlet or outlet conditions.

Simple Layout and Installation

All parts of the AccuValve are accessible from the front of the valve simplifying installation requirements. In addition, the actuator can be completely inverted should field conditions require such.

Intuitive Insight Software

The AccuValve AVT6000 and AVC6000 models incorporate a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, which enables the user to configure the valve for their specific requirements. Accutrol’s Insight software, provided free of charge, insures that the owner is not required to contact the manufacturer of the airflow control system when changes are required in the field.

BACnet® Option (Standard on AVC6000)

The optional BACnet® MS/TP (standard on AVC6000) allows direct communication to the Building Automation System (BAS) where desired.

Remote Airflow Monitor Option

The AccuValve AVT6000 and AVC6000 models are available with an optional airflow monitor that can be mounted remotely, which displays the actual airflow.

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Compliant Without Additional Hardware

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 calls for the reset of the static pressure setpoint in VAV systems equipped with DDC controls. The AccuValve design allows the building automation system to provide this benefit to the owner without the requirement of any additional hardware cost. This is unique to the AccuValve for critical environments.