AVC Fume Hood Control System

The award-winning Accutrol AVC Fume Hood Control System with Insight software provides an unprecedented evolution in fume hood control technology. It significantly simplifies the start-up,operation and modification for VAV fume hoods.

The Accutrol AVC Fume Hood Control System combines the award-winning design of the low pressure drop AccuValve® Airflow Control Valve with a “smart” fume hood display and a powerful and intuitive user interface.This innovative combination allows owners to easily set up and change the fume hood configuration without complicated manuals.


Easy Configuration & Verification of Sash Positions

Vertical, horizontal or combination sashes are easily configured through the intuitive Accutrol Insight software. The Insight graphical user interface provides users with a diagram of the specific type of fume hood they are configuring and prompts them to enter the pertinent sash dimensions. To verify sash calibration, Insight provides a fume hood diagram showing the real-time vertical and horizontal sash positions.

It just can’t get any easier than this. A technician can set up their fume hood in as little as 8 minutes!

    • Low Pressure Drop AccuValve AVC5000
    • Universite research and development
    • Life science
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Biotech
    • Healthcare laboratories
    • Secondary school laboratories
    • Retrofit applications
      • Integral operation with low pressure drop AccuValve®
      • Visual/Audible indication with Flow, Alarm and Purge
      • Provides text alarm messages on display
      • Purge set point is programmable
      • Up to 4 user-defined setback sequences
      • Optimized energy savings
      • Simple installation and wiring
      • Simplified set-up (no menus)
      • Intuitive graphical user interface using our Insight software