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MicroGroove Products
At Super Radiator Coils, we are always striving to be the best in the business and an industry leader. MicroGroove TM products are one of the ways we lead the industry. With our 5mm MicroGroove product line, you get a tiny tube and big savings.


With our 5mm MicroGroove coils, we bring increased performance, reduced face area without sacrificing performance, and drop-in replacements for a lower cost.

5mm tubing uses 50% less material than standard 3/8″ tubing used in CO2 applications. A higher pressure without thicker tube.

With a compact design, 5mm tube patterns do more work with less material..

MicroGroove coils have many advantages over 3/8″ tube, micro-channel and new designs

• Small size and weight
• Less refrigerant used and required
• Achieves same capacity in less space
• Flexible circuiting
• Durable copper tubing construction
• High performance