Marley MH Fluid Cooler

Copper Coil Models Now Available!

Utilizing a low maintenance, hybrid crossflow design, the Marley MH Fluid Cooler is the most efficient fluid cooler in the market.  By keeping the process fluid in a clean, closed loop, and combining the function of a cooling tower and heat exchanger into one system, the Marley MH Fluid Cooler provides superior operational and maintenance benefits using CoolBoost™ technology.


Utilizing a combination of fill media and prime surface coil(s), the MH Fluid Cooler offers significantly improved performance over conventional closed-circuit coolers.

  • Process fluid is pumped internally through the coil
  • Heat is transferred from the process fluid to the recirculating water as it flows over the outside of the coil tubes
  • The heated recirculating water is pumped from the collection basin to the gravity distribution basin
  • Evenly distributed over the fill media and coil, a small portion of the recirculating water is evaporated, efficiently rejecting heat to the atmosphere

The Marley MH Fluid Cooler is one of the most energy efficient closed circuit systems on the market and a great choice for closed loop Industrial and HVAC applications.

Maximum Efficiency Hybrid design and high efficiency components deliver consistent, reliable cooling with low input power.

Space Saving Footprint With higher capacity per footprint than conventional closed circuit designs, the MH Fluid cooler is a great fit for applications with space restrictions.

Unmatched Reliability Heavy duty construction backed by our 5-year mechanical warranty helps keep your process running smoothly year after year.

Certified Performance Thermal capacities of standard models are independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute for performance with water, ethylene glycol solutions and propylene glycol solutions.

Low Sound Operation Equipped with low-sound fans as standard, the MH Fluid Cooler is suitable for most noise sensitive situations. Multiple fan and attenuation options are now available to meet more stringent sound requirements.

Optional Dry Capability Models are available with an optional extended-surface coil for part-load dry operation in cold ambient conditions.

New! Copper Coil Models Select models are now available with copper coils, offering superior corrosion resistance, improved heat transfer, reduced operating weight and numerous other benefits.

  • The Marley MH Fluid Cooler uses mechanical, induced-draft, crossflow technology and fill media located above the coil.
  1. Process fluid is pumped internally through the coil.
  2. Recirculating water is cooled as it passes over the fill media and redistributed over the outside of the coil.
  3. A small portion of recirculating water is evaporated by air drawn through the coil and fill media, cooling the process fluid.
  4. The coil section rejects heat through evaporative cooling using the fresh air stream and pre-cooled recirculating spray water.
  5. Recirculated water falls from the coil into collection basins and is then pumped back up to be distributed over the fill media.
  • Protects process fluids from contamination
  • Maximizes system efficiency by reducing fouling and scaling tendencies
  • Reduces system energy and maintenance costs
  • Conserves valuable space in equipment rooms
  • Provides reliable, efficient, year-round operation