SKYPLUME G1-ELLV-SC (Extended Lobe)

Fans incorporate a single-width centrifugal unit, conclusive with Low velocity nozzle design and integral windband to maximize dilution ratios. Plasticair has achieved certified induction ratios between 236%-273%. This patented and improved design maximizes plume height and dilution versus horsepower.
Standard versions of the SKYPLUME G1-EL fans are offered by Plasticair which are categorized as SKYPLUME G1-ELLV-SC, and meet ANSI Z9.5 requirements..
Both belt and direct drive units are available in three (3) arrangements. Our construction is a hybrid of UV stable FRP and Coated steel (Heresite 413-P), which provides Excellent corrosion resistance and strength in mild to medium corrosive environments. Every units standard design meets 125 MPH (201 km/h) wind load. 150 MPH (241 km/h) construction is available upon request.


Standard Features

• Impeller – B.I. Airfoil – coated steel or aluminum –
Heresite 413-P
• Housing – coated steel or aluminum – Heresite 413-P
• Induction Stack – UV stable FRP construction – Lifetime
Rust Proof
• Fan Base – coated steel or aluminum – Heresite 413-P
• System designed to withstand wind load of 200km/h (125
• System meet requirement of ANSI Z9.5
• Shaft – 1045 carbon – shaft sleeve in airstream
• Shaft seal – Non-asbestos woven fibrous (ceramic felt)
• Lifting lugs
• Arrangement 9 – V-belt drive sets – 1.5 S.F.
• Arrangement 8 – Drive coupling
• Arrangement 4 – Direct couple

• Design to 125 MPH wind-load.
• Direct Drive Arrangement # 4 – Direct couple


• Fans and stacks shall be designed and constructed so that the gas stream only contacts solid FRP surfaces.
• All FRP will be 0-25 Flame spread as per ASTM-E84.
• The complete system shall be designed to a wind load rating of 125 MPH.
• All steel fasteners shall be 316 stainless steel.
• Motor shafts will be fully protected from exposure to the gas stream by FRP shaft sleeves.
• The fan shall be constructed per AMCA Standards 99.
• The fan arrangement will be based on AMCA 99 and will be Direct Drive AMCA arrangement #4.

Acceptable Manufacturers: Plasticair Inc.

Air Performance

• The performance ratings are to be in accordance with AMCA 260. No other performance standard or test will be accepted.
• Fan Manufactures Catalog will be published and accessible from the AMCA web site certified ratings program.
• Sound levels, Horse Power Levels are not to exceed scheduled values.
• Plume Heights are to be calculated using the wind band volume by using the ASHREA Briggs Effective plume height calculation and are not to be less than scheduled values.
• Wind band volumes and velocities are not to be less than scheduled values and are derived from AMCA 260 testing.

Fan Outlet Nozzle and Wind band

• The fan discharge will be fitted with a UV stabilized FRP exit nozzle and attached conical FRP wind-band.
• The nozzle assembly will be designed to dilute outside air with the primary exhaust gas stream.
• Dilution rates are to be achieved within the nozzle assembly and shall not be less than the scheduled rate.
• The nozzle assembly will be supported by the fan housing without the need for guy wires or additional supports and the manufacturer will warranty the stack against failure due to rust for 25 years.
• The outer surface of the nozzle and wind-band will be UV stabilized gel coat.
• Manufacturer will provide and honor a 25 year full replacement warranty against failure due to rust.

Housing Construction

• The fan housing is to be Coated Steel or Aluminum – Heresite 413-P.
• The outlet and inlet flanges are to be of heavy industrial quality.
• All flanges are to have factory flat finishes.
• The entire surface exposed to the gas stream will be complete with Heresite 413-P.
• The outer surface of the housing will be UV stabilized epoxy, light grey in color or color choice can be selected and applied per owners request if specified.
• The housing shall include a machined Teflon shaft seal to limit gas leakage.


• The impeller is to be of a high efficiency Backward Inclined Airfoil design..
• The materials of construction will be steel or aluminum Herestite 413-P.
• The method of construction is to be continuous welding.
• The shaft is to be attached to the back -plate of the impeller by way of a taper lock bushing and a one piece cast sprocket hub.
• Impeller is to be balanced to ISO 1940/1 standard G2.5 .


• Bearings are to be ball bearing or spherical roller type located inside the motor.
• The bearings are to be rated and designed for a minimum L-10 life of 110,000 hours.
• The bearings are to be located out of the air stream.
• The method of lubrication will be grease per the motor manufacturer’s recommendations


• The materials of construction will be as per the fan housing.
• Dampers, controls and other options will be as detailed in the schedule.
• Plenums are to be rust proof single wall FRP construction.
• Plenum to be designed so that actuators are mounted out of the primary airstream.
• One piece construction with a leak test showing zero leakage up to 20” positive pressure.
• Refer to the schedule for plenum and damper details.


• Premium Efficiency Motor will be C-Flange mounted, totally enclosed fan cooled motor with a 1.15 service factor.
• The motor will be VFD ready.


• Motor shaft will be 1045 carbon steel complete with the correct keyways to accept V-belt drive select