SKYPLUME G1 Stack Series

SKYPLUME Stacks are designed to effectively expel and dilute any unwanted exhaust away from make-up air units, louvers, and buildings in general. The newly patented design incorporates a uni-passage nozzle which has tremendous induction capability and exceeds alternate bifurcated designs in performance when exposed to crosswinds.



• Volume per stack, up to 75,000 CFM (35,400 l/sec) capacity per system can be infinite

• SWSI Centrifugal Arrangements 1, 4, 8, 9, 10.

• SWSI swing-out easy maintenance Arrangements 1, 4, 9.

• Inline Mixed flow Arrangements 9.

• US Patent # 6,676,503 B2

• Canadian Patent # 2,413,627


Acceptable Manufacturers: Plasticair Inc.

• Description: Induced flow FRP induction stack.

• Induction Nozzle: The fan/duct discharge will be fitted with a UV stabilized FRP exit nozzle and attached conical FRP windband Stack System. The nozzle assembly will be designed to dilute outside air into the primary exhaust gas stream up to 200%. Dilution numbers are based on independent third party Consulting Engineers testing performed in still air. The nozzle assembly will be supported by a fan housing or duct extensions without the need for guy wires or additional supports. The Manufacturer will warranty the stack against failure do to rust for 20 years. The outer surface of the nozzle and windband will be UV stabilized gel coat. The FRP construction of the induction stack will be Derakane 510-C and will have a flame spread of 0-25. The Induction nozzle will meet the requirements of ANSI Z9.5.