Marley QuadraFlow


The QuadraFlow’s unique, compact design is matched by its performance, maintainability, and reliability. This cooling tower makes use of inert, non-corroding construction materials that operate in all seasons and in a wide variety of environments. The QuadraFlow cooling tower is factory-fabricated and is designed to be assembled at the jobsite.


Long Life Construction
The QuadraFlow cooling tower is built with corrosion-proof materials for reliability in severe operating environments. It is warranted for five full years, which includes the fill, mechanical equipment, and structure.

Low Operating Costs
Marley’s high-efficiency fill and fans, gravity-flow water distribution, and efficient Geareducer® work together to offer maximum cooling with minimum power use.

All Season Performance
Performs as specified in the heat of summer — responds well to energy-management techniques in the Spring and Autumn — operates virtually ice-free in the dead of Winter — and offers simple maintenance all year long.

  • Induced-draft adjustable-pitch fan
  • Marley System 5 Geareducer
  • Stainless steel free floating driveshaft
  • TEFC, 1.15 service factor, horizontal-shaft motor and inert construction materials.
  • Geareducer oil changes are not required for five full years — the lowest maintenance requirements in the industry.
  • Gravity flow distribution system — easy, non-restrictive maintenance.
  • Basin covers are standard.
  • Marley Spiral Target polypropylene nozzles.
  • Marley MX thermoformed PVC film fill — suspended from structural stainless steel tubing.
  • Integral eliminators and louvers keep circulating water confined to fill, even at low air rates.
  • Crossflow configuration — easier and safer to maintain.
  • FRP and 300 series stainless steel — corrosion proof construction.
  • Four air inlet faces — minimizes recirculation.
  • Supporting steel — simplifies foundation requirements.
  • High Efficiency Axial Fan — Adjustable-pitch fan blades permit maximum utilization of rated horsepower and allows field adjustments to optimize tower performance.
  • System 5 Geareducer — The Geareducer option requires no oil changes for five full years — the lowest maintenance requirements in the industry. Reduced waste stream and environmental impact. Independent testing has proven a Marley Geareducer is up to 4 dBA quieter than the gearboxes used by most other cooling tower manufacturers.
  • Fan Motor — TEFC 1.15 service factor, horizontal-shaft motor designed to Marley specifications for cooling tower duty. Specially insulated for humid cooling tower service.
  • SofTork Coupling — Absorbs excessive shock loads at start-up — forgives minor misalignment between the motor and Geareducer.
  • Five-Year Mechanical Warranty — Five-year total mechanical equipment warranty including mechanical equipment support, plus our exclusive 5-year maintenance-free System 5 Geareducer.
  • Inlet Water Bypass — provision for total water bypass directly into the cooling tower collection basin during cold weather operation.
  • Hoistable Steel Grillage — allows assembling cooling tower at grade on temporary supports and hoisting into final location.
  • Fire Retardant FRP — flame spread rating of 25 or less per ASTM E-84.
  • Control Systems — ranging in sophistication from standard fan starters and disconnects to Programmable Logic Controllers that work in conjunction with your building or process system.
  • Variable Speed Drive — the ultimate in temperature control, energy management, and mechanical equipment longevity.
  • Electric Basin Heater Package — maintains collection basin water temperatures between 40°F and 45°F during tower shutdown.
  • Vibration Limit Switch — shuts down the fan motor if excessive vibration occurs.
  • Solid State Water Level Control Package — monitor basin water level with solenoid-valve water makeup. Configurations include makeup along with high and low water level alarm and cutoff and electric basin heater cutoff.
  • Magnetrol® Electric Float Switch — monitor basin water level with solenoid-valve water makeup.